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About the OEM/ODM service process

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OEM/ODM service process four steps:

The first step

Confirm product appearance and function

In this step, customers can provide their own ID design, sample, or put forward product concept, appearance and functional appeal for design by engineers of us,and after the evaluation feedback of engineers of us to modify and confirm.

The second step

Confirm product quotation

The sales staff will quote products and other related costs according to the confirmed specifications.

The third step

Project start

After the customer confirms the quotation and provides the official order, the mold making (if necessary) will be officially started and the product proofing will be confirmed.

The fourth step

The sample confirmed

The customer will confirm the product after receiving the Sample. If the product is confirmed, we will provide the formal Sample acknowledgement letter and the final Golden Sample as sealing to ensure the agreement between the two parties on product appearance and quality.

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