Product Detail

3 x RGB cable - PB247

Code PB247 Cable material PVC
Cable color Black Shell material Molding
Plug RCA
OverviewRed-green-blue RGB color difference video line, three color connector are used to transmit video signal, compared with the composite video line support higher resolution, support more clear image, the highest resolution can support 720P, suitable for DVD, power amplifier, a SET-TOP BOX is connected to a television or projector. If you want to transmit sound, you need to add a red-and-white connector to the audio signal in the left and right channels

HighlightsTPE injection

nickel plated connector

OFC High Purity Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor

Resolution 720P

3 x RCA Plug   RGB

Component video

What's in the boxCable*1

Dongguan Taitron Electronic Limited
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